Friday, 11 June 2010


Beautifull Blogger Award

What a wonderful surprise to be nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award! Thank you Loraine! So, now I am meant to tell you 10 things about me. I will try to make these 10 things as riveting as possible....I said I would try!!


1. I am a trained Beauty Therapist but gave that up to stay at home with my kiddies
2. I am also a qualified teacher
3. I have a non identical twin sister
4. My absolute favourite movie is Some Like it Hot. Just hilarious!
5.When I am not clutching my tummy through morning sickness, my favourite food is carrot cake
6.I enjoy reading and adore Ed Mcbain, Richard Patterson and JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels
7.I actually make time to watch Phineas and Ferb; one of Cameron's cartoon shows. Its wasted on children I promise you. 
8.I often dream about cleaning...Good grief!
9.My favourite colour is purple
10. I past my driving test first time around

Right, I thought I would put this all into one post. 

I made card for my cousins birthday, it isn't until December but you can never be too prepared I always say. I hope he like it.

It wasn't really a planned effort. I just sat and played about for a bit, I don't usually do that but hey, it adds to the fun of it all!

I used an old French dictionary for the background. It did feel like sacrilege ripping up a book but consoled myself with the fact that I wasn't going to France anytime soon and I failed my French GCSE with this said dictionary for company, LOL!

Ta Ta for now



Loraine Arderne said...

Alex your card is fab! I'm sure your cousin will love it!

Vicky Hayes said...

Oooh Alex - this is gorgeous! (I think it might be because all those chocolatey colours are making my mouth water!) Love all the texture going on in the card.