Saturday, 25 September 2010


Hello all!

Just a quick post today to show you the collection of cards I have made over the last few days. I have made a mixture of masculine( always the hardest for me) and feminine. 

Ta T for now.


Thursday, 23 September 2010


Hello to you all!

What is the weather like where you are? Its bleak and rainy here and word has it, that we are in for  lots of thunder and lightening! Hoorah! There is something about a thunder storm that makes you feel all cosy when you are at home. Any excuse to make a yummy hot chocolate with spray cream eh?

A great pal of mine asked me to make a card for a very good friend of hers. Sadly, her father is suffering from Leukaemia and so she thought a special card was in order.

Ta Ta for now.


Sunday, 19 September 2010


Hello folks!

I am really looking forward to Christmas you know? More so this year as it marks only two more weeks to wait (give or take) until my new baby is here!

I decided to do a bit of Christmas Crafting this weekend, three cards to be precise, using some of my new Stampin' Up! Stamp sets. 

Ta Ta for now


Friday, 10 September 2010


What an evening!

It began with a few ideas but ended with what could only described as a bombsite! If the card I made hadn't of been so beautiful (if I do say so myself) I would have given up crafting for a bit just to get over the trauma!

Good Grief, paper and card stock flying everywhere, bits of ribbon, jars of buttons falling on the floor and then me deciding that the floor was the best place for them! You guys just don't know the half of it. 

Thank God for 7 year old Cameron is all I can say; who came downstairs, shook his head and said, "mummy this place is a mess, let me help you tidy up". I love that kid!

Right, well here it is....

Click on the picture for a closer look.

The background has been embossed with silver embossing powder. Before making this card, I have to say that embossing in this fashion was not a favourite of mine. But the lack of any patterned paper led me to experiment and I really do love the way it has turned out!

This card will be winging it way to sunny Spain courtesy of a loving brother. I do hope they like it. How nerve racking when you make cards for others.

Ohhh, I almost forgot! Here is another card I today, almost seems like a distant memory now.

Click on the picture for a closer look.

Ta Ta for now


Monday, 6 September 2010


Oh dear God!

The pain is unbearable and as I sit here clutching my chest and wincing from the pain of this heart burn, I do hope that at least one of you is feeling sorry for me.

Chuckle, OK so I am exaggerating but I am in a bit of pain, hence  the "late night" Blog!

Right! So today I got a chance to make a couple of post it note holders, complete with tiny pens! I am really chuffed with how they turned out and think they are very cute indeed.

The tiny bow was inspired my a pal of mine,  Loraine. I  loved the idea so much that I stole it!!!

Ta Ta for now


Saturday, 4 September 2010


Hey folks!

Just a quickie to show you a card that I was asked to make for my mum's work colleagues sister (I thought long hard about writing all of that, I promise)!


Ta Ta for now


Wednesday, 1 September 2010


There are a few things that I sit and wander about making; party bags and invitations are just a few.

So, here they are matching invitations and party bags....

Click on the photos for a closer look.

Ta Ta for now.


Monday, 30 August 2010

All Chrismassy!

Not sure if that is even a word but I like it, tee hee!

Right well I thought I'd dig some very cute snaps of a baby Cameron and do a bit of scrapbooking. He was just so gorgeous as a baby (more handsome now) and looked exactly like Ava Quaver!

This is a 6x6 layout, I find that if I stick to this size I am less put off by the vast amount of space to work with and besides as you well know I am one for instant gratification! Long drawn out projects bore me I'm afraid.

Again, my mate Vicky Hayes inspired this creation. 

What do you think?

Ta Ta for now.


Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hey again!

Just a quick post to show you what I made today whilst Ava was napping and Cameron had been kidnapped by yet another neighbour, thank God for cute and well behaved children!

Ta Ta for now


Friday, 27 August 2010


I will do my very best to stay in touch. I find it so hard these days to find the time to Blog and perhaps when baby Maxwell comes along (yes, its a boy), it may become even harder but as I say I will do my very best!

Right, brief was to make this card as girly as I could.

What do you think of this? I love the stamp, its from Forever Friends and as you can see the tiny bear is surrounded by everything a girl could need....Handbags and shoes!!

Ta Ta for now.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Oh dear Lord! 

Its been far too long and for that I apologise. I really have missed chatting with you all and showing you what I have been up to, so here I am with a mammoth Blog entry!

I'll try to keep the chatter to a minimum but there are rather a lot of cards here. For a few of them I was inspired by a crafting pal of mine  Vicky. I always have a good read through her entries when I am stumped and always come away learning something new. 

As you'll see I am still using Stampin' Up! No longer a demo but what can I say, I just love the stuff! 

Many of these cards have been commissioned and personalised.  I have numbered them, just incase you'd like to comment on a particular card/scrapbook page.

Here we go....
















Ta Ta for now


Saturday, 26 June 2010


What a magnificent sicky, summer day, LOL! We are in the midst of a heat wave are we not?  Just glorious!

I feel dreadful though but as the sun is shining and my gorgeous kiddies are really cracking me up, I have actually been able to put that all to one side.

Right, so I am here with yet another birthday card for my nephew! The last card I made was hijacked by another family member for the said little boy. No worries, I was thrilled and flattered that they were impressed enough to want to take it. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to try something new, hoorah!

I think this is quite a simple card. It took quite a while to cut the t-shirts ( my hands seemed to shake when ever I begin to cut). I hope he likes it!

Sorry about the snaps, I took them on my mobile phone as I couldn't find my camera.

I am pooped, if their are spelling mistake here I apologise in advance. 

Ta Ta for now.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hey all!

Isn't it a glorious day? Just gorgeous, too hot to take baby Ava out though so we are stuck inside doing a bit of crafting, hoorah!

My nephew has a birthday coming up, you may recall that I made him a card last week or was it the week before? That one was for my mum to give him, this one is from us.

Its another pop up slider card. I made the first a while back and you can find it in one of my earlier Blog entries. I have used a few toppers here, they were my go to pieces when I was a baby crafter. I think they go well with the colours and give it a nice colourful, boy type feel.

Not sure if the ribbon colour matches but it was the only ribbon I had that could be used for a boy's card!

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Ta Ta for now.


Sunday, 20 June 2010


I've never been one for long drawn out projects. Instant gratification, that's much more my style and the very reason I much prefer to knit baby pieces!

The project I made today took the entire day, perhaps it would have taken less time had I not had my kiddies to tend to but hey, such is life. 

I first decided to sketch the idea on some scrap paper. I am not an accomplished crafter yet and thought this would save me a lot of time and waste in the long run. I had a rough idea about what I wanted to create but doodling first really helped me to define my ideas. 

It's a birthday card of sorts for my mother. The most wonderful women ever to walk this earth; an exaggeration? I don't think so, she is such a joy and always there to do and say the right things. She is well worth the time it took me to make this.

She is a book worm, as soon as one book is done she has her nose in another. She has even been known to have more than one book on the go! This is where I get it from! 

I decided to make her a "card" that incorporated book marks, something functional. Now she will have them with her always and think of us.

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

I am loving the distressed look at the moment and wanted to give it another go here. I really do like to add texture to my cards. Cards that look intricate and detailed always appeal to me, so I have tried to achieve that here. I just hope I haven't made it appear too busy.

I'm not really a sticker person but I have been using stamps for everything lately and as I have quite a nice stash of rub on's and stickers I thought I would give these gold ones a go. What do you think?

This is the sentiment book mark. It slots in to a pocket at the back.

Not the greatest of pictures but I just wanted to show you the stitching.

Ta Ta for now.


Friday, 18 June 2010


Blog entry number 2.

Lets make the most of this guys because I am nakkered, LOL! 

Its my friends birthday on Monday. She would like us all to come over that evening but it is a tad late to have Cameron out as he has school the next day. So, (as if you needed telling) I have made her a card and will post it so it reaches her in time. I made this while watching England sleep walk around the pitch, humph!

Click on the picture for a closer look

I have tried to do something different here. A lot of my cards have hard, straight edges and lines and I wanted to soften the look a little. I have never used linen thread before or attempted any embroidery. I have always loved the effect but either never had the time or felt it would be a bit tricky for me. I was wrong about the latter, although it did take some time, well worth it in the end I think.

I adore the use of tags, I am going to put aside some money to purchase a tag punch and tiny labels. Here I have improvised using my circle and scallop circle punches. It looks OK but nothing like the real thing I say.  

I bought a new background stamp last week, I had been itching to try it out. I did, and was thoroughly disappointed. I kept getting "blank" areas with each image I tried. I inked the stamp pretty well and made sure to huff, hmmm? I would have used that today instead of my jumbo wheel, but you gotta love that pattern!

Ta Ta for now.