Monday, 30 August 2010

All Chrismassy!

Not sure if that is even a word but I like it, tee hee!

Right well I thought I'd dig some very cute snaps of a baby Cameron and do a bit of scrapbooking. He was just so gorgeous as a baby (more handsome now) and looked exactly like Ava Quaver!

This is a 6x6 layout, I find that if I stick to this size I am less put off by the vast amount of space to work with and besides as you well know I am one for instant gratification! Long drawn out projects bore me I'm afraid.

Again, my mate Vicky Hayes inspired this creation. 

What do you think?

Ta Ta for now.



Nessie said...

How lovely is that? And the picture is sooo cute...

Vicky Hayes said...

I don't think I deserve any credit! Your layout is great Alex and I love the Ho Ho Ho in the scallop frames. I love 6x6 albums too - perfect for the time challenged crafter!