Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hey all!

Isn't it a glorious day? Just gorgeous, too hot to take baby Ava out though so we are stuck inside doing a bit of crafting, hoorah!

My nephew has a birthday coming up, you may recall that I made him a card last week or was it the week before? That one was for my mum to give him, this one is from us.

Its another pop up slider card. I made the first a while back and you can find it in one of my earlier Blog entries. I have used a few toppers here, they were my go to pieces when I was a baby crafter. I think they go well with the colours and give it a nice colourful, boy type feel.

Not sure if the ribbon colour matches but it was the only ribbon I had that could be used for a boy's card!

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

Ta Ta for now.



Loraine Arderne said...

Wow! This is wonderfull and the ribbon goes just perfectly!

Vicky Hayes said...

I think it's cute and you're making me NEED some textured paper...