Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hello all!

There has been a heck of a lot of excitement here these last few days. I am going to have yet another baby, that makes three folks!

I am excited and nervous all at the same time, coping with three, whohoo!

Anyhoo, I have been given the task of creating a birthday card for my 10 year old nephew. To be honest, I have felt so ill with morning sickness (afternoon and evening sickness) that I didn't have the strength to actually dream up a brand new idea; so I adapted an old idea that I came up with a little while a go.

Now, let me apologise. I took two pictures at different angles and for some reason I cannot upload the second one, it has been trying for almost an hour now!!

You can't see very well here but I have used my Versa mark ink to create a water colour effect on the base of the card.

Here is it at last!!! Good grief! I might be able to pick the watermarks in the first shot. Just click to go a bit closer. 

Ta Ta for now.



Loraine Arderne said...

This is perfect for a 10 year old! Well done!

I've nominated you for a beautifull blogger award, pop over to my blog to pick up the blinkie.

Vicky Hayes said...

Love the tearing on your lovely card Alex. And congratulations about having another baby!