Sunday, 23 May 2010


Blogging is becoming a rarity these days. Silly really as I really do like doing it! Oh how I have neglected you all so here I am to make a mends and give a you something I put together in the afternoon sunshine yesterday.

Gosh, its hot, hot, hot! Little Ava is sweating buckets here, I am keeping her topped up with plenty of water and stripped to her cutesy nappy, bless. Cameron was born in the heat so he has taken to all this like a duck to water!

Now, here are a few snaps I took today that are actually not that great. We'll have to blame the sunshine; it was so bright in here I just couldn't get a decent shot. Although, you can pick up the bits on the carpet quite well I thought! I have taken a day off from hoovering.

Click on the pictures for a closer look.

The card kind of reminds me me of a napkin/cloth baby nappy. It all came about by accident really, that's what I love about crafting. You can easily turn a "mistake" into something fantastic! Granted, its a bit skew whiff but I think it'll pass, tee hee!

These booties are made from a glorious mix of wool and bamboo yarn. Beautifully soft next to baby's delicate skin.

Ta Ta for now.


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Loraine Arderne said...

Alex, these creations are beautifull. Cant believe you gave hoovering a skip for the day - I'm impressed!