Monday, 17 May 2010


Well hello folks, its been an absolute age since I last blogged!

I have been so run down and utterly fed up with it all that I decided to take some much needed time off. I haven't done any crafting either as I have decided to step down as a Demo! Shock horror!

Fear not, this gives me a bit more time (only a bit mind) to do a little more crafting of all types. Here are a few baby bits I knitted a while back when I was pregnant with Ava. I never found out what sex she was (silly baby wouldn't show us on the scan) but I just knew it was a girl, so I knitted so many girly bits I could have opened my own boutique!

I only started to knit when I was 7 months pregnant, these are not bad if I do say so myself, LOL!

Ta Ta for now



Loraine Arderne said...

These are brilliant Alex, now I know where to go when I need a scarf or hat or some woolly slippers. I'm useless at knitting!

Vicky Hayes said...

I am utterly blown away Alex! Would love to see some of your jewellery too...