Monday, 6 September 2010


Oh dear God!

The pain is unbearable and as I sit here clutching my chest and wincing from the pain of this heart burn, I do hope that at least one of you is feeling sorry for me.

Chuckle, OK so I am exaggerating but I am in a bit of pain, hence  the "late night" Blog!

Right! So today I got a chance to make a couple of post it note holders, complete with tiny pens! I am really chuffed with how they turned out and think they are very cute indeed.

The tiny bow was inspired my a pal of mine,  Loraine. I  loved the idea so much that I stole it!!!

Ta Ta for now



Vicky Hayes said...

Wow! I love these - especially the clever way the pen fits on the side. Love the deep colours with the Kraft too (must learn to say Crumb Cake!) I had ghastly heartburn when I was pregnant with my first so I have a great deal of sympathy. It's impossible to sleep through it so enjoy your late night crafting!

Loraine Arderne said...

What fab projects these are - love that your bow turned out nicely, just add's that finishing touch.